Must download app for your smartphone (Android)

After browsing so many apps on Play store, I found some apps that I think it’s okay to Install them to your smartphone. Here there are.

This is a ‘’new’’ launcher but this is really amazing. With a concept simple but bigger, this application really fast,soft and simple. With so many theme, you can choose and personalize with your favorite thing.

There are so many social messenger but I think, just WA that i will give 5 rate. Clear Voice note, good resolution for picture…this is magnificent! Also you can send Video, images, voice notes and call to, and- all for free!

Kindle are application that you can download and read of hundreds milion books for free. This my favorite application!

Elevate is a game that will improves your cognitive skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) through a series of weirdly addictive brain games.

Timehop; turns all of your social data into a digital diary. It takes your photos, tweets, check-ins and Facebook posts and sends you a daily time capsule. It’s a fun reminder to what I’ve been up to and who I’ve spent time with like


But, sometimes it can makes you nostalgia and have some drama like


like that,huh.

This application instantly finds and explains the grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes in your documents. It is way more in-depth than the standard spell-checker, suggests synonyms for overly used and detects plagiarism from a mile away. Check documents by uploading them to the Grammarly website, or use the browser plug-in to spot mistakes anywhere you write on the Web, from Twitter to Gmail.

For you that always don’t have so many internet data, you can download this application. It works worldwide, so be sure to download it before your next trip to avoid being charged pricey roaming fees.

This app not only tracks traffic, but uses real-time traffic conditions as reported by users able to see the most current road conditions, construction delays, and accidents. It doesn’t get much more accurate than this, and that’s all you can hope for when you need to get somewhere without any hassle.

This application can make you send text from computer! It’s fun because when we have some deadline, we can’t always have to take a look to our smartphone. You might, to try this!

You hear a song you like. You don’t know who plays it. You open Shazam and press the big button, and a few seconds later, the app tells you the title, the artist, the album and even the lyrics. It’s basically the embodiment of what mobile apps are all about.

Pandora is a generates Internet radio stations based on artists and genres. As you give the thumbs-up or thumbs-down to each song, the app personalizes your stations by remembering what musical qualities you like

SugarSync isn’t the only free cloud storage service available, but it offers something unique: when installed on your PC or Mac, it can make an online copy of any existing folder on your computer. That way, you can always open a copy of your documents using the mobile app.

Another great app for travelers, Word Lens visually translates printed text into your language in real time. When you snap a photo of a sign or document, it shows the image to you in English. But, The translations are not always 100%, but it’s good enough to get by on.

Beside all editor photos application, Snapseed and VSCOcam really complete application. If VSCO Cam can make your photos like pro, Snapseed can make your photos like pro too but with a magic sense,hehe. Two both its really amazing, I think.

So, let’s download them,dude!


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